Working From Home – Huge Benefits

One of the greatest things about being your own boss is that you can have a home office. I call it Bagwell Studios, but it’s really just a second bedroom that I converted into an office to work from home. All of my work is on a computer, and I mostly work alone so more and more of my jobs are remote work situations.

I think it’s great because it seems like a waste of money on the part of the people hiring me to have to pay the overhead for an employee that doesn’t need to physically be there.

Easier Than Outsourcing to Foreign Locations

People have complained a lot about how US companies are outsourcing work to other countries, but I don’t understand why they don’t just let people work from home and lounge on their gigantic bean bag. I suppose some people just like to complain, but the solution seems pretty obvious to me. If the work can be done remotely by someone overseas, then certainly it can be done by a home based employee a few miles away in the comfort of their home. You don’t have to pay for a desk, office space for them, or someone to manage them, because they work from home. If they don’t do their work, that can be easily quantified and you can have a talk with them about it.

remote work better

More Productivity, Not Less

I have actually found that working from home is more motivating than having someone looking over my shoulder all the time to make sure I’m “being productive”. Maybe I’ve just had bad bosses in the past. However, I think that people who have to be micromanaged are just bad employees whether they work from home or in the office. They are probably going to suck the life out of other workers there and rob them of their joy of working there. Those people should just be fired, not watched more closely.

On the other end of the spectrum, employees who are self motivated (or at least given the chance to do so) are far more productive working on their own.

I use myself as an example. I do much better work and am far more productive when my motivation is internal, not external. I think that makes me a good employee.

So, to summarize, I believe that a good worker is a good worker whether anyone is watching or not. In fact, good workers are even better when given the freedom to do things their own way. Studies have proven that people perform far better and are happier when allowed to take ownership of the end result of a project they are working on. And, if you have to micromanage them, you should just fire them. It’s not a good use of resources to have people whose sole job is to chase after people and make them do their work.

My Favorite Parts of Working From Home

No commute. This is a giant one. Not only does it save me about 2 hours a day, which is huge… but it saves me the frustration of dealing with traffic. Who decided that everyone should get of work at 5pm? So, you have empty streets all day long except from 8 to 9 am and then again from 5 to 6 pm.

how is this acceptable?

How is that efficient? It isn’t. Skipping the whole thing will transform your life. Imagine what you could do with 2 extra hours per day.


Another great thing about working from home is I can make my home office look however I want. I can work at my stand up desk which has my main computer. Then, if I want to check my email on my tablet I can jump onto one of these giant bean beds I got. I really like this bean bag, as you can see from my Twitter.

I can set the lighting however I want. I can play music, eat when I want (and can make actual healthy food because my kitchen is ten feet away and I don’t have to rely on brown bagging it, or subjecting myself to cafeteria or lunch truck food), etc. It’s great. Having full control over your work environment is truly an amazing thing for both enjoyment and productivity.

These are some of the few benefits I enjoy from working from home. If you have any of your own or even just want to disagree with me I am open to it. Leave me a comment below.